By Carolyn Berry
Brown Books Publishing, $16.99, 22 pages

If you have never set foot on a Texas Ranch, don’t worry. Buster is the best tour guide you’ll find. And it just so happens that he is a dog. He is the head dog, official foreman and knowledgeable tour guide at Pony Creek Ranch. Children can read about Buster and other amazing animals in Carolyn Berry’s new book Buster Tells it All. The stories are creatively told from Buster’s point of view. Berry’s writing (using Buster’s voice) is engaging and welcoming. When young readers finish the book they will feel like they really were at the ranch. Pony Creek Ranch is a thousand acre ranch located in Texas. Carolyn Berry and husband Jim have created a home for rescued, orphaned, and abandoned animals from all over the world. Buster Tells it All is the story of Baby, a white-tail deer and April, a Nubian Ibex. Eric Cash’s illustrations make the ranch come alive. This book will inspire children to treat animals with respect and compassion. This is the first installment in a series of books that will focus on the wildlife at the ranch. So join Buster on another tour soon!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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