By Adrian Slywotzky and Karl Weber
Crown Business, $27.00, 357 pages

People hear about something being “In Demand” all the time. But what drives that demand? What makes thousands of people trample each other to buy a Wii at Christmas or purchase an iPad during an economic depression? Within Adrian J. Slywotzky’s Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It several case studies delve into the idea of demand.

Demand breaks down into simple snippets of advice while the chapters are still very dense, well researched and thoroughly academic. Slywotzky is an amazing writer who has large and small businesses represented within the book. Corporate giants like Amazon are represented, as well as affinity groups like the Seattle Opera. While the book is very well done, it does mention several times that the ideas put forth are not a replicable formula each business can copy to gain instant demand. It has the potential to become a tool for businesses to use to take a step back and think of how their current business model can flex to incorporate new customers, new trends, and reach out to the people who don’t know they want what you’re offering, yet.

While the book is dense in areas, the content is valuable for any business and worth the temporary intellectual strain.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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