By Noemie Vialard
W.W. Norton & Company, $24.95, 144 pages

In Gardening Vertically: 24 Ideas for Creating Your Own Green Walls Noemie Vialard brings the work of garden innovator Patrick Blanc to life. Blanc is known for creating famous vertical gardens around the world. These can be found on the walls of the Caixa Forum Museum in Madrid, the Rue d’Alsace in Paris and the Siam Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok. This book does a wonderful job of showcasing the versatility of this type of garden. In addition to discussing plant requirements and design concepts, she details ways readers can create a variety of displays at home. Vialard includes photographs and technical illustrations. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by soil, water and fertilizer suggestions. Vialard challenges readers to make informed decisions about water consumption and environmental impact. She provides suggestions on suitable plant choices, specifically herbs, flowers, aromatics, and vegetables. This book will appeal to the garden artist seeking inspiration. It will also benefit landscape designers and installation crews. Readers should be aware that some of the material is patented. Home use is allowed but commercial restrictions apply.

Reviewed by Brenda Searle

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