By Anna Grossnickle Hines
Tricycle Press, $12.99, 40 pages

Young kids love dinosaurs. Author Anna Grossnickle focuses on these creatures in her new book I Am a Tyrannosaurus. Grossnickle has been a children’s book author and illustrator for 30 years. She has created over 60 books, proving she has her finger on the pulse of what beginning readers love. The book follows a little boy during his playtime. He imagines he is a dinosaur and pretends to move and sound like these great animals. Grossnickle encourages play and discovery. The little boy in the story is very active. He raises his hands over his head, curls his fingers into claws and stomps around his house. This board book is made to survive use by little hands. Expect kids to want to read it again and again. The bold colors are sure to catch any young reader’s eye. Vivid illustrations are accompanied by short sentences that highlight facts about each beast. The Tyrannosaurus has a huge head, a loud roar and is a ferocious hunter. Each animal is labeled with its scientific name. Young kids will learn while letting their imaginations soar (and roar!).

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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