By Masayuki Sebe
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 24 pages

Part seek-and-find book, part delightful Japanese artistry, part comedy, part counting by tens book; this colorful title written and illustrated by Masayuki Sebe is now available for English-speaking  audiences. It is one of the most entertaining counting picture books of the year.  Each page of Let’s Count to 100! has a unique illustration with one hundred things  in it: birds, moles, elephants, cars and trucks. Each page invites the reader to count all one hundred creatures. Some of the creatures have something to share; from ants discussing the candies they carry to a little fish yelping at a bigger fish not to eat it. There are stories between these creatures to be discovered on each and every page.  Readers and pre-readers alike will sit enthralled with this book time and time again.  It is not a book that will be quickly digested in just one sitting, or two, or ten. The last page asks children to find particular creatures on each page turning the whole picture book into a big seek-and-find and making it new once more.

Reviewed by Catherine McMullen

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