By Clifford S. Coull
CreateSpace, 105 pages, $14.50

A Look at Psychic Abilities

In Like Trees Grow Together: A Spiritual Journey, Clifford Coull’s second book about psychic abilities, the author presents his experiences in a relatable manner and makes evident the possibility of a psychic life for the reader. The point of his memoir is not simply to tell his amazing story, but to guide the reader towards a personal journey of their own. One could look at Like Trees Grow Together as sort of a Cliff’s Notes to the land of visions and voices from the next world. The book works because Coull is able to accomplish his goals and still produce a highly readable memoir.

After going through an awful and devastating divorce, Coull has strange and unexplainable out-of-this-world experiences: he sees visions of teachers he has yet to meet, hears voices from people who have passed over into the next life and has a strong connection to unconnected individuals. Coull handles his initiation into the psychic world with a lack of alarm. He seems to accept the voices and visions as a normal part of life. Yet he doesn’t understand what is happening to him and desperately wants to comprehend this new realm. Through exploration, classes, books and special teachers, Coull is able to make sense of and appreciate the gifts he has been given. He shares his experiences in hopes that the reader will find something useful in his text.

While this reviewer is not entirely convinced of the existence of a psychic world, Coull’s text is an interesting, quick read. His writing is basic and clear. Coull takes a potentially confusing and confounding topic and treats it as a matter of fact. He makes no apologies for his experiences. This book is a worthwhile read if readers are interested in the subject matter.

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