By Colleen Murray Fisher
Mackinac Island Book, $7.95, 32 pages

Have you ever suspected that your teacher is an alien? Melvin Eugene Baxter believes his new teacher, Miss Martin, is a Martian. Melvin’s goal is to stop her from taking over the world. He is recording his findings in a journal so that in case anything happens to him, the public will know the truth. In Miss Martin is a Martian, Colleen Murray Fisher tells the story of a boy with a talent for detecting extraterrestrial behavior. For example, during snack time Melvin sneaks another cupcake, but Miss Martin finds out! Melvin knows that only an alien with a superior sense of smell could do this. Melvin also believes Miss Martin can see through walls, has eyes in the back of her head and can read minds. But where does she hide her spaceship? The book is written in a diary format on binder paper. Jared Chapman’s illustrations seem like they come from Melvin’s own hand. This is a great book for any elementary school teacher. Young readers will identify with Melvin’s belief that his teacher has special powers. After all, teachers are extraordinary, regardless of their home planet. Find out if Miss Martin escapes detection!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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