By Wong Herbert Yee
Houghton Mifflin Harcdourt, $14.99, 48 pages

Mouse doesn’t just like Halloween, she LOVES Halloween! But her best friend Mole fears everything about the holiday. How can Mouse help Mole enjoy the surprises and thrills of Halloween? In his book Mouse and Mole: A Perfect Halloween, author Wong Herbert Yee highlights a special friendship between two unique animals. To help Mole feel comfortable, Mouse has them enter a pumpkin carving contest. Who will win the grand prize? Later that night, Mole can’t sleep. Mouse tells him a bedtime story. Kids will enjoy Mouse’s rhyming tale about how two friends have loads of fun while trick-or-treating. Mole feels much better and can finally face picking out a costume for Halloween. A table of contents and short chapters help familiarize younger readers with the layout of chapter books. Don’t fear! There are plenty of beautiful illustrations done by Yee in litho pencil and gouache. The use of crisp, autumn colors draw readers into the story. Start planning early for a spooky, fun Halloween celebration and get this charming book for the little one in your life. The book has a nice message for young readers about the difference between a thrilling surprise and a scare. Read more Mouse and Mole adventures as they take on magic, a winter wonderland, new neighbors and even more. Reading about this duo is sure to become a favorite family pastime.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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