By Tracy Kiely
Minotaur, $24.99, 293 pages

With Murder Most Persuasive, author Tracy Kiely claims a tie-in to the works of Jane Austen. In fact, the only tie-ins to be found are in part of the title, “Most Persuasive”, frequent quoting of Jane Austen’s works by the main character with similar quotes appearing at the beginning of chapters and the fact that the story loosely resembles an involved family-centered situation, as does Austen‘s works. What humor there is derives mostly from the eccentricities of family members. Otherwise, the story is a modern-day murder mystery, amusing in spots but otherwise unremarkable. The story is aimed at young adults, and that is the audience that would most likely find it amusing. It takes place in Maryland, near the shore, features a rekindled love story and the working out of a number of problematic family relationships, and of course a murder is discovered and ultimately solved.

Reviewed by Rosalie West

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