By Ashlee Fletcher
Tanglewood Books, $13.95, 32 pages

Cats and dogs are the most popular types of pets. At first glance they seem to be very different. If you put them in a room together, chances are that they probably would not get along. Author Ashlee Fletcher’s fun new book My Dog, My Cat explains the difference between the lovable animals. She also includes some funny similarities that they have in common (most importantly, the love they share for her). Fletcher rotates between the dog and the cat. “My dog barks. My cat meows. My dog likes steak. My cat likes tuna.” Each simple sentence gets its own full page and color illustration. Discover what the animals like to play with, what their favorite snacks are and where they like to hide. Fletcher’s illustrations are bold, colorful, and mesh well with the simple text for beginning readers. Parents and teachers can use this book to explain the concepts of differences and similarities. Have children and students brainstorm ideas and compare and contrast two things in their lives. Use the book’s simple format to help a child make their own book. Break out the markers and crayons and create a masterpiece.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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