By Victoria Alexander
Zebra, $7.99, 374 pages

Victoria Alexander introduces us to a new family, the Hadley-Attwaters, in the first book in her new series all about sinful secret lives. What is unique is that the story begins two years after happily-ever-after with married couple, Adrian and Evelyn, who are still very much in love. Evelyn is a smart fearless female protagonist who married her husband because she was tired of excitement and instead wanted stability. Adrian, the head of the Hadley-Attwaters, with several siblings that are sure to dominate the following books in the series, seemed to offer just what Evelyn needed. The thing about a good marriage, that this couple fails to realize, is that a spouse is more than a lover; they are also a confidante and partner. While their marriage seems perfect, even to them, it is lacking in fundamental trust. So it is no surprise that things get hairy when each of their past lives, which they have agreed never to talk about, invades their current lives. This book is not about falling in love like so many other romance novels, it is really about how to be in love. While not particularly suspenseful or steamy, My Wicked Little Lies is a charming introduction to what promises to be a complex series. And of course it contains the humor and close knit family that Alexander’s fans have come to expect.

Reviewed by Rachelle Barrett

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