By David Salomon
Brown Books Publishing, $29.95, 312 pages

Are you a penguin-o-phile? If you have ever dreamed of traveling to far off places to visit penguin habitats, save your airfare money and book a seat on your comfy couch. David Saloman, author and lifelong photographer, has studied all seventeen species of penguins. He provides an in-depth analysis of their behavior, habitats, reproduction, feeding habits and population levels in Penguin-Pedia. It is a book filled with science and a focus on stunning photography. Readers will thoroughly enjoy Salomon’s spectacular up-close photos (every picture was taken by the author during his travels). The driving idea behind Salomon’s work is that knowledge is a prerequisite for action. Conservation begins with education. After a brief introduction, each species is profiled. Salomon includes a blend of research, easy-to-understand statistics and numbers, and his own personal anecdotes from his interaction with the birds. Each species has its own unique characteristics and behaviors. These amazing creatures make annual treks between 1000-2000 miles in search of food. They are family and community oriented. In “Where to Find a Penguin,” learn about prime locations around the world suitable for viewing or encounters, costs associated with such a trip, and optimal months for travel.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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