By David McPhail
Charlesbridge Press, $15.95, 32 pages

Before opening this book I was captivated by the cover. The illustrations are perfect for a young child and the colors were very vibrant and enticed me to quickly look inside. Pig Pig didn’t want to spend summer vacation traveling across the country with Aunt Wilma and Uncle Fred. He wanted to stay home with his mother and his cat, Fluffy, but he went and had a splendid time. The vacation came and went so fast that Pig Pig wrote a postcard to his mom to let her know he would be home soon. He was so worried about his mom missing him that he started getting homesick.

See what happens in this precious story about what happens to Pig Pig when he returns home to his mother. This is a very nice first reader book for children and will keep their interest. I think when a child goes on a visit to a relative or on a trip; this book should be tucked into their suitcase for them to read. This is a winner all the way.

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer

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