By Ross Chapin
The Taunton Press, $30.00, 224 pages

In four-part sections, Pocket Neighborhoods takes you on a relaxing joy-ride through city communities, apartment living and close-knit neighborhoods where people share their porch swings and yards, their gardens and back steps, their farmers’ markets and barbeques all with one another. It’s a modern-day time-warp back to the days of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, South Carolina where life was simpler, happier, more fulfilled with what’s really important…people, neighbors, friends and family.  Sidewalk chalk pictures tell the tale of the neighborhood endearing one to the message that “kids are welcome here”!

Chapters include; The Neighborhood the Neighbors built, A Floating Neighborhood, Lanes, Woonerfs and Mental Speed Bumps and New Urban Pocket Neighborhoods just to name a few, but you get the idea, right?

Wonderful illustrations and real-time photos of what some communities are doing fill the glossy pages transporting you to a place where you feel welcomed and actually expected. This book is all about not just the community but the individuals within that community making the choice to bond with their neighbors. It’s an attitude, not a district! This lovely, enchanting book would make the perfect house-warming gift, maybe with a basket of bread and a bottle of wine to share…

Reviewed by M. Chris Johnson,

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