By Andy Griffiths
Scholastic, $5.99, 165 pages

Are you looking for a chapter book that is appropriate for girls and boys? Never fear! New York Times bestselling author Andy Griffiths is here with his newest book Schooling Around: Pencil of Doom! It is a fun story perfect for anyone ready for an adventure. Griffiths book is set at school. Northwest Southwest Central elementary school is never boring. Henry is the main character and narrator. He and his classmates are always learning something new. They recently learned how to protect their classroom from a lion attack. The kids expect these adventures because their teachers are wild! What they never expected was a wild pencil. That’s right – the pencil of doom! What Henry thinks is a regular pencil is really a weird and dangerous writing implement. Henry and his friends quickly learn that whatever you draw with the pencil happens in real life. Did you wonder why a lion might attack their classroom? One of Henry’s friends drew the cuddly kitten she had always wanted. But the pencil of doom isn’t into cute and cuddly! Check out this book to find out what else the pencil creates. Think twice about the next pencil you pick up and use.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin