By Tessa Evelegh
Chronicle Books, $20.00, 224 pages

Whether you are a novice seamstress or an experienced pro, you will learn something valuable from Tessa Evelegh’s Sewing Made Simple: The Definitive Guide to Hand and Machine Sewing. Readers will be amazed with over 500 beautiful photos, illustrations, textile patterns and 20 projects. Evelegh’s book is organized thoughtfully, beginning with tools of the trade and the anatomy of the sewing machine. Instructions cover reading paper patterns and taking measurements. There is an extensive chapter on fabric and a wonderfully large section of sewing projects. Each project is explained in detail with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Projects range from clothing to décor and accents. Evelegh also includes patterns and a supplier list. Sewers will consider this an invaluable resource.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff,

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