By Julian Fellowes
St. Martin’s Press, $15.99, 265 pages

If you’re going hungry waiting for your next Downton Abbey fix then this is your lucky day. Creator Julian Fellowes is also an author, and his first book, Snobs, has just been released in the U.S. It takes all the intrigue, class clashes, stuffy aristocrats and nouveau riche social climbers and sets them in modern day England for a wry look into a society that is still observing the mores and snobbery from decades long gone.

Edith Lavery is an attractive middle class girl who dates a rather staid but kind aristocrat, Earl Broughton. A taste of his world makes her decide that boring is worth a life of luxury so she sets out to marry him. It is only after winning the prize that she finds she is neither happy or satisfied, so she begins looking for another version of ‘happiness’ regardless of its cost to herself or those around her.

Snobs is a wonderful summer read. British high society always make for engaging reading, especially when handled by the man who wrote Gosford Park and Downton Abbey. Fellowes knows his characters and their foibles and plays them true to type.

Reviewed by Catherine Gilmore,

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