By Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger
Clarion Books, $16.99, 32 pages

Tallulah’s Solo is the fun sequel to Marilyn Singer’s first book, Tallulah’s Tutu. In this book, Tallulah is back to ballet, cheering on her little brother Beckett. Beckett has decided to join the ballet class because of his big sister, but refuses to pay attention. When Tallulah is given a small part in the ballet recital and Beckett a main part, she is frustrated and refuses to cheer her little brother on as she always has. Before the big recital Beckett obviously needs some help and Tallulah decides to coach him through his dance as the frog for the Frog Prince.

The themes of endurance, compassion and dedication come through as Tallulah’s coaching pays off and their teacher thanks her for the help. In the spring, children are able to see the reward for Tallulah’s care for her little brother as she receives the lead in the ballet.

The watercolor illustrations throughout the book are whimsical and fun, finding ways to show Tallulah’s vivid imagination and offer detailed expressions and body language for young reader’s learning to decipher that language. For siblings, this book is a must—showing how important it is for older children to set good examples and support the younger children. Tallulah is proud of herself for helping her younger brother and being an inspiration to him, but she is also proud of Beckett for his hard work and accomplishments.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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