By Brandon Sanderson
TOR, $24.99, 332 pages

Brandon Sanderson is a rising star in fantasy literature. His Mistborn trilogy garnered him enough acclaim that Robert Jordan handpicked him to finish the Wheel of Time. His latest book, Alloy of Law is a return to the world he created in the Mistborn trilogy except hundreds of years have passed since the events that those books relate and, unlike many other fantasy settings, the world has moved on, progress has occurred. The Land of Elendel is in the midst of an industrial revolution: trains, electricity, firearms, are all now common and working side by side with the unique magical system of the world, Allomancy. Alloy of Law tells the story of noble born Waxillium Ladrian, who has spent the last twenty years of his life in the Roughs, this world’s Wild West, as a law man, until personal tragedy brings him home to the capital city and a house in disarray. What follows is an excellent blend of detective story, high fantasy, and western all rolled into an enjoyable tale of action and adventure. I sound like an old radio man… But, the book just reminds me of the ol’ pulps my dad handed down to me when I was a kid.

Reviewed by Jonathon Howard

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