By Rick D. Niece, PhD
Five Star Publications, 206 pages, $15.95

A Grand Tribute for a Musical Legend

No one quite knows who initially came up with the idea. To honor their old bandleader, Lewis Niece, alums from the DeGraff High School marching band would come together and lead the Memorial Day parade through town and perform a field show and concert. Called “Lewie’s Alumni Band,” the adults would honor the man they met as kids and have continued to admire and respect throughout their lives. Rick D. Niece is the author of The Band Plays On and the son of the beloved band teacher. In his book, he contemplates small town life growing up in rural Ohio with a sense of nostalgia. He recalls farm living, adventures with childhood pals, Sunday mornings at church, lessons learned in grade school and other cherished memories. The author includes black and white photographs capturing moments from the band reunion and celebration and pictures of the author and his dad from their early days.

Experience how one man discovers how many lives he touched through teaching music. Readers will likely be inspired to remember (and possibly record) their own fond childhood memories. Take the time to thank someone who had an impact on your life. Short chapters keep the pace of the book moving along quickly. Original poems by the author that are relevant to each chapter’s theme are interspersed throughout the story.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin,

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