Great Puzzle for children.

By Clive Gifford
Kingfisher, $15.99, 32 pages

Is your child interested in travel? You don’t need a passport to make it happen. All you need is a computer, access to Google Earth and the book The Great Global Puzzle Challenge by Clive Gifford. He provides clues and your child will do the exploring and take a virtual trip all on your computer. They’ll visit places like Tokyo, Paris, Ancient Egypt and the Great Barrier Reef. To begin the puzzle, enter coordinates found in the book. Google has matched the puzzles to the places. Follow directions to other locations all while learning historical facts and trivia. The locations also have related activities to do in the book. For example, a trip to the Himalayas will have readers searching the picture for a snow leopard, an oxygen bottle, a mask and an ice pick (much like Where’s Waldo?). This is a creative way to get kids using and loving Google Earth. Teachers can use this as a source in computer, geography and history lessons. Grandparents should consider giving this book as a gift on holidays and birthdays. Libraries could base an entire summer reading program on this book. The possibilities are endless. Happy travels!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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