By Cat Adams
Tor Forge, $14.99, 384 pages

Celia Graves has it rough. Part siren, part vampire, the professional bodyguard has come face to face with demons, forces who want her dead, and, worse, her angry, alcoholic siren mother. In The Isis Collar, the fourth book in Cat Adams’ Blood Singer series, Graves finds herself up against a horrifying magical virus, transmitted via saliva, that turns people into zombies—and fighting against the clock to save herself, the people she loves and the world at large. In the midst of this, she is dealing with familial problems, the sometimes unpredictable spirit of her sister, who was murdered as a child, and romance with two wizards who she just can’t seem to choose between.

While it is easy to be highly skeptical of supernatural novels for the young adult set, Cat Adams’ Blood Singer series is nothing short of a rollicking good time—and The Isis Collar proves again that the two women behind the Cat Adams pseudonym have the wit, intelligence and talent to turn what could be a horrible mess of vapidity and trendiness into something fun, smart and maybe even a little sexy. Celia Graves is definitely a force to be reckoned with—and we can only hope that she continues to be so for many books to come.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall

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