By Bill Hurter
Amherst Media, Inc., 128 pages, $34.95

“A subject who feels uncomfortable will likely look uncomfortable in their photos. After all, these are normal people, not models who make their living posing professionally.”

Guide To Posing by Bill Hurter is a great guide for the amateur photographer. In this book, the elements of a photograph are broken down so that we can better understand why we pose people the way we do. The book takes an element-by-element approach to posing subjects in portraits to elicit the desired feeling, emotion, and look. The book addresses multiple concerns such as elements of the face, lighting, angles, styling, solo and group portraits. This book will appeal to amateurs as well as more experienced photographers, who may need a little guidance on how to best post a subject. The book is easily read and focuses on one element at a time. The book is also full of photograph examples of the concepts described, making it easy to see what the author is referring to in each section. Overall, this book is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in developing their skills taking portrait photography.

Rachel Richards

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