By Martha Wells
Night Shade Books, $14.99, 339 pages

Moon is struggling in his new role as consort to the queen; having no prior experience of life at court or the ways of his people, Moon is confused about what the expectations are for him and finds himself ill-at-ease with the members of the court.  Given this tension, he is somewhat relieved to be part of a team that is sent to search for the cure to the dying tree at their new court but along the way finds his loyalty tested and questions where he really belongs.

What happens after the fairy tale ends?  This is the question asked in Martha Wells new book, The Serpent Sea. Focusing on Moon, she shows the growing pains that come with suddenly being thrust into a family and having to deal with the reality of compromise and trust. Moon is a delightful character and a great focal point for the story. The world the author has created is wonderfully complex and vivid and has wonderful layers of characters, cultures and creatures. Readers should start with the first novel; reading this series is a choice they will not regret.

A Great Sequel

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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