By Jennifer E. Smith
Poppy, $17.99, 236 pages

In twenty-four hours, Hadley’s world changes. On her way to her father’s wedding, she barely copes with the resentment she feels toward him and the claustrophobia in the airport. She is four minutes late, missing her flight to London, but those four minutes are key to maybe the rest of her life. Love, grief, forgiveness and redemption are all explored in this sometimes funny and sometimes bitter novel.

Early on, the romance seems to take center stage, gradually building a believable relationship between Hadley and the British boy, Oliver, as they sit and chat next to each other during the flight. Both are headed to London, but both will come out with very different experiences at the end of the day. Witty banter, quirky dialogue and realistic characters give hope that love at first sight might just exist. But it isn’t all romance. Hadley will grow tremendously and her relationship with her father ends up being the most important aspect of her interaction with Oliver. A story of beginnings and ends, this novel is a beautifully written demonstration of what it means to move on.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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