By Jennifer Dewing, Illustrated by Jill McDonald
I See Me! Inc., $34.95, 20 pages

The Super, Incredible Big Sister, by Jennifer Dewing, is a special order, personalized book focused on helping an older sibling accept their new baby brother or sister. Your child will feel super special as they read their very own book and see their name on the pages. How magical to be part of the story! The rhyming words, coupled with Jill McDonald’s whimsical illustrations, help show how wonderful and lucky the reader is to have a new family member (whose name also appears in the book). In fact, the older sibling is so lucky that they receive a “medal” for being a Super Incredible Big Sister. This I See Me! book is a clever, fun and engaging way to help the eldest kid in the family work through the transition of not being the center of attention when a new baby arrives. Every child will love to see their name in print. This is truly a fabulous book!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff,

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