By Judy Carroll & Helene Kaye
Wild Flower Press, $17.95, 320 pages

In the non-fiction book, The Zeta Message, the content is wholly anecdotal, being the story of aliens known as “Zetas” or “Grays,” those with small bodies, large heads and huge eyes who are known for experimenting on kidnapped people. They are also responsible for crop circles. The authors’ purpose is to show that these aliens are benign rather than hostile as they are so often characterized. They are in fact spiritual beings living at a higher vibrational frequency than humans and are here to help us. Further, some of them, as the main characters in this book, have reincarnated and are living as humans by day while working with the Zetas to improve humanity by night. The Zetas’ saucer-like vehicles are actually portable laboratories where the “upgrading” of selected humans is done. Taken to the saucer/laboratory humans are paralyzed and that terrifies them. The question arises: Why is it necessary for such highly spiritual beings to carry out their work without the permission of or sparing the feelings of their human subjects? This reviewer sees that alone as highly unethical by any standards! Zetas and human/Zetas use a special form of Reiki for healing. It needs to be noted that there is a contingent of destructive Zetas whose purpose is to undermine the work of the good Zetas. There are many people who share a belief in Zeta aliens and they may enjoy reading this book. It is written well enough, but the entire content is (thankfully) outside this reviewer’s experience.

Reviewed by Rosalie West

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