By Jean Heilprin Diehl, Illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Sylvan Dell Publishing, 32 pages, $9.95

Beatrix Beaver Saves the Day!

Everyone is good at something, but occasionally it takes a little time to figure out just what that something is. Beatrix the beaver learns and shares this lesson with young readers in Jean Heilprin Diehl’s delightful new children’s book, Three Little Beavers. Diehl has written an engaging short story about three sibling beavers named Bevan, Beverly and Beatrix. Beatrix quickly recognizes her brother Bevan’s awesome building skills, and her sister Beverly’s underwater acrobatic talent, yet fails to realize that she too possesses a few special qualities of her own. It isn’t until the three fall into traps that Beatrix’s talents come into focus and enable the siblings to get through their ordeal unharmed.

The book overflows with artist Cathy Morrison’s exquisite illustrations that seem to leap off the page in an almost 3-D like appearance. Young readers are sure to be captivated by the beautiful color and rich detail that these illustrations showcase. Also included is a four page section titled For Creative Minds which is filled with intriguing facts about beavers, their habitat and ecological impact on the environment. This inclusion is sure to satisfy inquisitive young readers who are interested in learning more about beavers.

Kimberly Logan-Elwell


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