By Elise Primavera
Robin Corey Books, $16.99, 32 pages

Do you have a child who will not stop sucking their thumb? If so, you are probably looking for a good book to help them kick the habit. Author Elise Primavera has written Thumb Love which she proposes will help. Before you rush out to buy it, look for more appropriate options to help your little one. The story centers around little Lulu, a sucker who wants to sever the relationship with her thumb. You would too if you had a creepy digit like Lulu. Primavera anthropomorphizes the thumb; it talks, cries, gets dressed, has a face and is very controlling and mean. The relationship between Lulu and her thumb is reminiscent of an abuser and a victim. The thumb tries to isolate Lulu from her friends and family. Lulu doesn’t want to give it up because she is afraid she’ll hurt its feelings. There is a bizarre 12 step program that Lulu creates to “quit being a sucker.” Step 1 requires a public announcement that you’ll stop sucking but Step 2 allows you to still suck your thumb when no one is looking. Children won’t understand the relevance of a 12 step program. If your child wants to stop the habit, ask your pediatrician.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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