By Robin Parrish
Bethany House, $14.99, 368 pages

In this Batman-meets-Jesus thriller, author Robin Parrish entertains us in the comforting familiarity of comic book, albeit formulaic, style heroes with righteous indignation, conspiracy theorist rhetoric, and tragic losses peppered with the highly anticipated stand-up and cheer triumphs. Vigilante immediately piques your interest and holds you hostage in this nail-biting tale. Short chapters help to keep the plot moving at a breathless pace as Nolan Gray battles the evils of New York City with one super villain in particular – Yuri Vasko, crime lord who owns New York’s city government and keeps it in his back pocket. Our hero, Nolan, utilizes his strong military training and contacts to devise an elaborate plan to let the good people of New York know that they can take back their town. He sets out to right the wrongs of justice and scare city officials straight.

Parrish’s substantial action flows from page to page, leaving readers hardly any time to sit back and relax. He builds the characters in such a way that we can almost predict their next move; well, at least their next intention anyway. This story is a quick-paced, entertaining read for thrill seekers alike.

Reviewed by M.Chris Johnson,

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