By Sarah Neufeld
Bowler Hat Comics, $15.00, 295 pages

Natalie Irving has tried to be invisible most of her life – just not in the way she wants. The daughter of infamous Jaydn Irving, the only woman known to be able to turn invisible, Natalie shows none of her mother’s powers or skill at manipulating others. Mostly Natalie tries to fade into the background and plan her future away from her mother.  However, when she learns that she does have more power than she realizes, she makes choices that will put her in her mother’s line of fire, which is never a safe place to be.

Visibility is the fantastic novel by first-time author Sarah Neufeld. She creates a fascinating blend of superhero story, graphic novel and coming-of-age novel, something that works surprisingly well. The character of Natalie is shy, nervous, brave and endearing to the reader. The character of Jadyn, too, is written with superhero-like qualities. While mostly physically absent from the story, her character is mysterious and unknowable and has a frightening presence that is felt throughout the book. The story is well-paced and keeps the reader engaged throughout. This is a great book and will leave readers wanting more from Ms. Neufeld.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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