By Katharine Crawford Robey
Charlesbridge Press, $6.95, 32 pages

Imagine waking up with the ability to understand the birds! That is what happens to Kate in Where’s the Party?, Katharine Crawford Robey’s new book. One morning Kate hears the birds chirping about a special secret! There is a party today and Kate is invited. She just has to figure out where it is being held. Each page features a new bird and its unique call giving Kate clues on where to go. A meadowlark tells her that the party is near.  A yellowthroat calls “In this tree!” As Kate gets closer and closer, she meets more new friends along the way. An oriole leads her to some wild strawberries. Kate will pick some for the celebration! Illustrator Kate Endle has created beautiful mixed media collages that give each bird character and charm. The great blue heron soars above the brook and a bluebird flits up to a tree branch. Kate’s surroundings are filled with flowers, insects, and natural wonders. Find out what Kate will help celebrate at the end of her journey. Robey includes a glossary of birds in the book with information about plumage, habitats, markings and feeding habits. Enjoy this festive book as a family or in the classroom.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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