By Karen Phillips
Klutz, 50 pages, $16.99

Stylish and Spooky Bracelets

Making friendship bracelets together can be a bonding experience for kids. The Klutz Company has outdone themselves once again! If the girl in your life prefers bats and vampires to rainbows and unicorns, they will enjoy the newest Klutz craft kit, Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets. Follow the clear instructions for making five styles of bracelets (Bitten, Snake Charmer, Roses & Thorns, Tangled, and Cobweb). In the kit you will find three types of cord (purple, black, and silver), five charms (a moon, bat, star, and two hearts), two colors of beads (iridescent purple and red), and five mini blood droplets to use as charms or fastener beads. Step-by-step illustrations show the basic knots used for each design and more intricate instructions follow. Throughout the book are fun tips sure to make this crafting experience a memorable one. The last two designs are the most challenging ones, and for younger crafters, an adult helper would be beneficial. The price tag is well worth the endless hours of fun this kit will provide. When the included materials are used up, the local craft store will have more cord, beads, and charms.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin,

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