By Joe Paprocki
Loyola Press, $12.9, 118 pages

In 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness, Joseph Paprocki writes, “People are hungry for spirituality. They long to live in a way that recognizes and connects with God’s grace on a regular basis and in ordinary things.” To this end, Paprocki repackages traditional Catholic teachings into seven keys with corresponding questions that will help people avoid sin and develop healthy habits or virtues. Paprocki, a consultant on faith formation for Loyola Press with 30 years experience in ministry, hopes to transform the perception of Christianity as primarily a code of ethics and more as “an invitation to walk a spiritual path that leads to intimacy with our Creator.”

In some ways, Spiritual Wellness is deceptively simple. Paprocki’s keys are not complicated in their statement and include seeking good in others, thinking through one’s actions, and looking for beauty. However, implementing these keys will require discipline and could transform the reader’s life if implemented to any serious degree. For that reason, Paprocki has written a powerful little book that could bring great satisfaction to those who choose to follow it.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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