By Kathleen Morgan
Baker Publishing Group, Revell, $14.99, 310 pages

Fiery, compassionate Shiloh Wainwright is determined to find adventure, specifically by helping the Ute Indians that roam the wild Rocky Mountain frontier of Colorado. After accepting a teaching job at the White River Indian Agency, she arrives there expecting to face some challenges, but not in the form of Jesse Blackwater. A childhood friend that Shiloh hasn’t seen in nine years, the half-white, half-Indian young man is now fully entrenched in Indian culture, and Jesse seems to want nothing to do with her. Their reunion sparks painful memories for both of them, but they must work together for the good of the tribe they both care about.

At first, tension and misunderstandings in their relationship mirror the precarious truce between the white men running the U.S. government agency and the native Indian tribes. As their relationship eases back toward friendship, Shiloh and Jesse must both come to terms with the past and amend their expectations and dreams of the future. Through adventure, tragedy, and triumph, they must determine when to stand up for personal convictions and when to make compromises.

A suspenseful prologue immediately hooks the reader into both the exciting story and the lively, realistic characters. The novel flows smoothly through the plot, with descriptive language and interesting dialogue to keep the pages turning quickly. A great tale of adventure, cultural barriers, and faith in God, A Love Forbidden will satisfy the heart.

Reviewed by Aimee Rasmussen

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