By Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Accord Publishing, $16.99, 235 pages

We knitters know sometimes one simply must find something else to do. There isn’t enough light. We ran out of the ONE yarn, of dozens on hand, needed for THIS project. Perhaps we must venture to the yarn shop for yet another set of needles before our creation can receive the breath of life. A collection of musings by one of our own can help us to maintain our tenuous hold on sanity.

Twists of Fate

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee understands, and shares with us moments from her life in Toronto. This book takes us on a meandering journey, visiting her closet, meeting her washing machine, on a back alley drive during Snow-mageddon. The outcomes are unlikely, unintended and at times hilarious. She confides meditations on failed creations and an obituary to a skein of grey. We take a sober look at assessment of substance addiction, and find troubling indications that knitting indeed elicits psychological dependency. We hear her confession of addiction to a novelty yarn, admitting unrealistic intents and a need to end the relationship. While significant stretches of this book may not speak to non-knitters, the amusing “yarns” about other aspects of her life justify a place on the shelf or guest room nightstand.

Reviewed by Brenda Searle

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