By Hilary Duff
Simon & Schuster, $17.99, 353 pages

Fans of talented Hilary Duff know her as a former Disney actress (Lizzie McGuire), recording artist, TV and movie star, clothing designer and creator of fragrances. She is now an author– Duff’s first novel, Elixir, is a New York Times bestseller. The saga continues with her newest book, Devoted. Readers are reunited with Clea and her soul mate Sage. Clea now knows that she and Sage have been together through past lives, though each one ends in tragedy. Sage is now missing. Only the Cursed Vengeance can help Clea, and the organization is Sage’s enemy with an agenda to kill him. Can Clea’s best friend Ben aide in the search for her lost love or will he betray her? Duff captures the essence of romance, teen angst and first love. If readers want to fully enjoy the series, read Elixir first and then Devoted. Duff has created a fun, fast read that teens and adults will enjoy. The ending leaves readers waiting for her next work. Duff is dedicated to everything she does and her devotion to writing an entertaining trilogy is no exception.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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