By Scott Allen Perry & Adam Mock, Photography by Eric Curtis
Medallion Press, $29.99, 324 pages

Every child has created their own superhero. Some have the ability to fly, others teleport, and some have super strength. Most kids would never dream of creating the superheroes found in Fallen Superheroes. Characters like Shock Mama, a woman locked away in an insane asylum for her agoraphobia, spending her days singing Patti LaBelle and Rebecca Black. There is also The American Angler, a hero more obsessed with fishing than with actually saving anyone’s life.

There are two equal parts to this book, photography and captions. The photographs are superb. Each image tells a story on its own, and lends insight into the character it is portraying. It is obvious by glancing at a few pictures, Eric Curtis has an exceptional ability with a camera. It is a shame the same cannot be said of writers Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock. Generally, captions on photographs serve to enhance the viewer’s understanding of the picture. These captions, however, are rarely associated with the pictures they accompany. Most of the writing reads more like an inside joke between two friends than anything actually worth reading.

Overall this books seems like a fun idea, create heavily flawed superheroes and tell their story. Sadly the execution falls flat, making Fallen Superheroes not worth the paper it is printed on.

Reviewed by Andrew Keyser

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