A Story of a Brave Young Dragon

By C.W.J. Henderson
First Knight Press, 290 pages, $11.99

Fenicus is a happy dragon who lives with his family in the valley of Berathor. Although he doesn’t have the ability to breathe fire yet, Fenicus knows he will eventually grow into his power. His world changes, though, when everyone else in the village is taken captive by a human sorcerer Calidin and his human leader, Kell. Uncertain of himself but knowing he has to rescue his family and village, Fenicus sets out after them and finds surprising allies in a human boy named Malkolm and a whale named Seamus.

Fenicus Flint & the Dragons of Berathor is a fun coming-of-dragon-age tale by author C.W.J. Henderson. He creates good if not particularly complex characters, especially with Fenicus and Malkolm, both of whom are delightfully determined to do the right thing. The story has a nice pace, unfolds well and has a good conclusion. Older children who are fans of fantasy will likely enjoy the tale of Fenicus.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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