By P.R. Frost
DAW, $7.99, 400 pages

P.R. Frost brings us yet another Portland urban fantasy thriller in the form of Forest Moon Rising: A Tess Noncoire Adventure. In this installment we find Tess and her imp Scrap sucked into a whirlwind of strange events, straight out of one of Tess’ own out of ordinary novels. Portland becomes the target of a psychopath preying on young women. Tess swore to put him down. However, Tess’ plans are disrupted as she is simultaneously preoccupied with many other issues. At the same time Tess is burdened with controlling a pack of half-demons, participated in town’s convention, tries to fulfill her responsibilities as a backup for a local singer and meet the deadline for finishing her latest book.

Frost brings us another engaging novel that is action-packed from start to finish. Among the terror of the deranged villain the readers would find in this book wit, humor, and entertainment that will keep them flipping pages. The story pushes forward with fast-paced excitement as you follow Tess and her sidekick Scrap through the streets of Portland.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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