Edited by Robert Twombly
Norton, $25.00, 303 pages

Few American architects are better known and more popular than Frank Lloyd Wright. He was a prolific writer who witnessed immense change throughout his life. Raised in the Victorian era, Wright sought to distance himself from the strict rules of architecture and create a new style for Americans. Frank Lloyd Wright: Essential Texts  is a collection of the architect’s writings edited by Robert Twombly, a scholarly expert on Wright’s life and work. Twombly has carefully selected texts that show Wright’s architectural philosophy, presented chronologically. Omitted are Wright’s political writings, which can be found elsewhere. Twombly’s introduction provides a nice overview to acquaint readers with his biography. He also writes a commentary before each text. Included are black and white photos of some of Wright’s best work. Readers will enjoy public lectures, essays, speeches, a booklet and a tribute to Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan. With almost five hundred buildings to his name, Wright will forever be remembered for his contributions to American architecture. Fans of design, the written word and Frank Lloyd Wright will appreciate all that this book has to offer.

Essential for Wright Fans

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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