By Melina Marchetta
Candlewick Press, $18.99, 593 pages

Froi of the Exiles tells the story of Froi, a boy orphaned during the ten year curse. Froi is tasked with a job that only he can do: kill the king of neighboring Charyn. Froi has been trained as an assassin since he was taken under the wings of the Queen and her consort – Isaboe and Finnikin. As Froi assumes the identity of a young noble, he discovers the true meaning of family. Froi has to remember his mission as those he travels with present an interesting mystery about his past. Froi of the Exiles is a well-written and engaging book. You feel the palpable emotions of the characters as the world around them is painted by the author. Because this book takes place in a fantasy world, it is easy to dive in and let the descriptions take you along on a journey with the characters. While this book is a good stand-alone book, it was hard to pick up, as the beginning lacked some context that made the book confusing to get into. However, there was no doubt that reading this book encouraged me to pick up the others in the series.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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