By Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD and Dawna Kaufmann
Prometheus Books, $27.00, 315 pages

Ever wonder how the verdict came about on the Casey Anthony case? What about the Michael Jackson case? Drew Peterson? These cases, and several others, are detailed in From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases. Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD, does an excellent job of detailing each case, so that even if the reader has never heard of the case before, they feel like they were there when it happened and are invested in the verdict. With the help of Dawna Kaufman, Wecht details the findings of the case and the outcome and what it means for the future with cases like these. Anyone who has ever found themselves fascinated by a case in the media or curious about a certain verdict should pick up this book. From Crime Scene to Courtroom is an easy read that sucks the reader in from the very beginning, and though some of the cases are tough to read through, the information that Wecht shares is fascinating and also shows the growth that needs to happen with the court system in this country in order for certain cases to truly come to justice. From Crime Scene to Courtroom is a book everyone should pick up.

Reviewed by Melissa Boles

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