By Eckhart Tolle Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell
New World Library, $14.95, 119 pages

Cat and dog lovers know how special their animals can be. Patrick McDonnell and Eckhart Tolle’s show this in their book titled Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings From Our Dogs and Cats. The artist and creator of comic strip MUTTS, McDonnell is known for perfectly capturing the quirks and personalities of the canine and feline population. He is a great admirer of Eckhart Tolle, whose bestselling book The Power of Now has been read worldwide. In Guardians of Being Tolle’s words, paired with McDonnell’s illustrations, follow a lovable cast of animal characters as they experience daily life. Together the authors capture the spirituality of dogs and cats and show how these animals can help humans live with strength and joy. While walking with the dogs or watching cats sleeping in the sun, people can take in the power of living in the “now.” The authors guide readers towards self-awareness and encourage them to imitate animals by taking pleasure in just eating, sleeping, or playing. The book’s words and illustrations depict these simple yet profound moments and persuade readers to interact with dogs and cats in order to live happier lives.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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