By Will McIntosh
Night Shade Books, $24.99, 264 pages

Most people are in agreement that picking up a hitchhiker is not the best idea. Author Will McIntosh has created a new type of hitchhiker – one that can really get under your skin. When a terrorist attack kills half a million people in Atlanta, Finn Darby begins blurting out strange statements in the voice of a relative. Finn soon realizes that he has a hitcher tied to his body… his dead grandfather. When thousands of people start channeling the dead, the authorities and medical experts are confounded. Is this a side effect of the terrorist attack? Is it a symptom of multiple personality disorder brought on by trauma? When it becomes clear that no one can help the possessed, they vow to help themselves. How does one evict an inner zombie? What if that person deserves another shot at life? Finn must find a way to send the dead back to Deadland before the living are possessed permanently. McIntosh’s unique take on the zombie genre provides a refreshing read. Readers will find themselves rooting for some of the undead to stay. McIntosh has an interesting and spooky view of the afterlife that will give readers something to think about long after the final page.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin