By Brian Tracy & Christina Tracy Stein
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, $22.95, 192 pages

Rarely does reading a book actually change one’s life, but beware – this one very well might! A follow up to Eat That Frog!, this inspirational self-help book focuses on looking at the bright side of life and getting rid of negative road blocks that prevent us from reaching our full potential. When we come across a “frog” in life – something ugly, difficult or challenging – authors Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein encourage us to gather the courage to “kiss” it, thereby revealing the “prince” underneath!

This father/daughter team leads you confidently through the process of personal transformation by asking you to evaluate the only thing you can really control in life – your own thoughts. They go over many different techniques to transform your negative thinking to positive, thereby solving stubborn problems that are hindering you from reaching your ideal self. Lighthearted, insightful and blunt, these authors offer their knowledge in an enjoyable and interesting way, making even the most skeptical readers rethink their daily choices.

The advice in this book is presented in a hodge-podge way, without a clear flow from one topic to the next. Some note-taking skills and a highlighter might help to keep track of all the wonderful bits of guidance you’ll be sure to take away from this book.

Reviewed by Aimee Rasmussen

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