By Joseph Campbell
New World Library, $14.95, 166 pages

Renowned mythologist, author and speaker Joseph Campbell, who died in 1987, left a large volume of unreleased work, articles, notes, letters, and diaries, including audio- and videotaped lectures. All these works are held at the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and in his Forward to Myths of Light, Editor David Kudler speaks of the process of putting relevant pieces of these works together to form a book. Campbell is supremely qualified to speak to the myths of the East, as he made a career-long study of them along with myths from all cultures. He writes much as he speaks, with both humor and information. This book is wonderfully readable even though the subject matter is complex and can be confusing to the Western mind. So much information is given that it seems a good idea to read it through more than once and even to keep it in your library as a reference. Author Campbell compares Eastern myths to those of the West for clarity. This reviewer is always inspired by Joseph Campbell’s works and for anyone who gravitates to philosophy and allegorical portrayal of thought, this book is most highly recommended.

Reviewed by Rosalie West

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