By Marian Babson
Minotaur Books, $24.99, 276 pages

Living together in a penthouse in London, aging actresses Trixie and Evangeline are often caught up in mayhem. The two women, and one beautiful feline, are up to their old tricks in No Cooperation from the Cat, Marian Babson’s newest book. Trixie’s daughter Martha and her editor, Jocasta, are using the large kitchen to test recipes for an upcoming cookbook. As they work a man arrives looking for his wife. Unfortunately, he was not told that she died while he was away. Martha is shocked to find out that the dead woman was the person originally hired to write the cookbook. Was her death an accident or murder? And how is Trixie connected? When another body is found outside the penthouse building, Trixie and Evangeline are forced to get involved. Fans of Marian Babson’s long running series will enjoy another entertaining mystery filled with odd people and cats. New readers should be aware that Babson occasionally refers to information introduced in previous books. Her writing is light-hearted and funny, which makes for a wacky and pleasant read.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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