By Steve Parker
Scholastic, $15.99, 110 pages

Exploring the depths of the ocean is something many people dream about doing. Scholastic and author Steve Parker have created a guide to life in the world’s oceans. Ocean and Sea makes science come alive for confident readers. Unlike lots of science books that have pages and page of text, this book uses a variety of visually stimulating techniques to get the information across. The book is divided into chapters which are then made up of stand-alone spreads (double pages) focused on specific topics. Readers will find fact boxes, quotes, maps, trivia, timelines and diagrams. Under the “More Here” columns, the author suggests books to read, places and websites to visit, and a mini-glossary with key terms. Whether the reader is researching and writing a report for school or reading for fun, this book presents a nice introduction to the world’s oceans and seas. Parker’s writing is both informative and entertaining. The photographs are fantastic. Learn about life in the water, on sand, on islands, in lagoons, and on coral reefs. Current topics like how oceans are endangered are covered and kids are challenged with ways to help save this precious resource.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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