By Stephen Leather
Amazon Encore, $14.95, 234 pages

Jamie Beaverbrook is usually not surprised by anything he encounters during the course of a full moon. As a psychologist for the LA Police Department, he meets anyone charged with a crime and tests their sanity. Things are pretty cut and dry until he examines Terry Ferriman, a mysterious girl found in an alley, crouched over a man’s dead body, her mouth smeared with blood. An unsettling interview with Terry prompts Jamie to dig deeper into her case. What he discovers makes him question his own basic beliefs and his sanity. Are vampires really walking the streets of Los Angeles? Is Jamie actually falling in love with one? When representatives from a secret government agency approach Jamie, he must pick sides – his heart or his life. Jamie can’t look elsewhere for help. Author Stephen Leather hails from the United Kingdom where he has written many successful thrillers. Once Bitten invites readers into a fascinating and terrifying world of immortality, romance, intrigue and danger. The story’s main drawback is that it doesn’t really offer anything new or unique to the vampire genre. There are better vampire stories out there, but Leather provides a solid, fast-paced plot that is entertaining for a quick read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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